High-Speed Internet Solutions for Businesses and Government Agencies

Performance Computing/PC Internet works with many different types of commercial and government clients in northern Nevada and throughout the US, to bring them the best internet connectivity to their location, powered by AT&T. Our professionals will help you determine the best internet connection for your needs and get you set up with ease. And when you partner with Performance Computing/PC Internet, you get a team of experienced network engineers and technicians to manage your installation and monitor your computing network with our IT services.

Fiber Optic: Speed-of-light Internet AT&T Business

Fiber delivers optimal internet performance for multiple users to send data, video and voice at equal upload and download speeds of up to 1Gig. With fiber optic internet, you’ll do business faster and securely, and boost productivity with this highly scalable bandwidth solution. You can share large files with ease among your team, between agencies, or with vendors, partners and clients, run your cloud applications, get the security of real-time data backup, and more.

DSL Expands Your Broadband Internet Capabilities

Connect to the internet over the AT&T telephone network and get fast, reliable performance with ease. DSL is a cost-efficient choice for small companies who want faster internet over their existing phone lines … and whose employees need to use the phone and internet at the same time without any hiccups. DSL installs easily and scales up easily, too, so it expands as your workforce does, without adding a burden on your bottom line.

Fixed Wireless Internet Delivers Fast Connectivity to Rural Areas

Small businesses in rural and underserved areas, where internet connectivity is not available, can get connected easily with high-speed fixed wireless internet. This broadband wireless service, deployed via microwave, enables users to browse the internet, streaming data, voice or video, and download files with ease and speed.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet offers speeds of at least 10Mbps and upload speeds of at least 1Mbps. You get dedicated bandwidth that ensures your communications flow between points on the high-quality, reliable AT&T network. It installs quickly and easily, offers network diversity, and scales up as your business grows. It is also a great option for residential customers.

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